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Understand users in 2021

How does the behavior of internet travelers develop?

Tourism marketing is undergoing a digital revolution, and with it, the behavior and habits of the average Internet user are changing. Did you know that existing users on the web:

They trust reviews 12 more times

Travelers trust reviews and user-generated content on average 12 times more than traditional marketing materials.

They are very impatient

People on the Internet are not willing to read long texts or wait longer for a page to load. The important things must be said in the headings and briefly.

They love authentic content

People are looking for quality and authentic photos and videos. They prefer them to generic photos from photobanks.

They stay 88% longer

on the website, if it includes quality and authentic video of the destination they are about to visit.

They use phones more often

63% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. Having a well-resolved responsiveness is a critical point.

They visit 38 websites

within 45 days until they make a final reservation at the hotel they eventually choose for their stay.

Set long-term website goals correctly

What goals need to be pursued
and optimized in the hotel industry?

Measurable goals

  • Increase the share of direct bookings from the web
  • Collect user emails and get followers
  • Extend average session duration
  • Reduce page load time
  • Reduce bounce rate

Project goals

  • Present the types of rooms well
  • Mediate the atmosphere of the hotel via the web
  • Present the restaurant and the type of cuisine
  • Promote other hotel services (wellness, sports)
  • Connect the website with the booking engine
  • Sell packages and special offers
  • Prepare relevant language versions
  • Introduce the location and tips for trips (winter / summer)

General requirements for a modern website

  • Create an intuitive navigation structure
  • Prepare quality and concise content
  • Create a modern design in line with the corporate CID
  • Prepare the website for all types of mobile devices
  • Integrate the website with third parties
  • Link the site to social networks
  • Provide intuitive and fast content management
  • Automate routine work

Comparison of important numbers

You may be hesitant about what is a good result in your field and what is not. Take a look at the basic comparison
of the most important numbers on the web. But don't let them limit further improvements of your site.

1-2% conversion rate

0 - 1% bad result,
1-2% acceptable result,
2-6% great result

1.0s loading time

up to 1.0s great result,
1-2s acceptable result,
over 2s bad result

1-2 clicks

Ideal number of clicks
from opening homepage to booking a room

Why doesn't your site
get better results?

Unfortunately, it is easy to neglect a lot of things on the site.
Read the most common reasons for low conversion on websites. 


Your navigation is crowded and has many levels. It is a problem to find the required information.


Your texts are long
and poorly structured. Your content is not authentic.

call to action

The benefits of direct booking are not clearly named and the conversion is misplaced.

Slow loading website

Your website loads significantly longer than a second, and users leave it almost immediately.

web design

Your design is poorly processed, the website is hard to use and untrustworthy.

Absence of
social proof

Your site does not work with the content of your visitors. Therefore, it is not very trustworthy.

Low rate of

The web is poorly connected to social networks and third-party tools. It does not benefit from their advantages.

Out of date

Your website content was last updated months ago.


The website does not encrypt connections and does not protect user data. Google penalizes it.

Inspiration for hoteliers

Explore inspirational sites of different brands and try to discover
and determine the principles they use to maximize the results of the websites.

Four Seasons web

Explore all the important type pages and content on the Four Seasons hotel chain website.

Start working smart with content

Integrate user-generated content into the site. Whether it's reviews, tips or Instagram feeds.

Communicate the benefits of booking clearly

Write concisely and clearly about the benefits of direct booking and use smart elements such as lightbox, chat or content boxes.

Grandhotel Pupp

Find out how the famous Grandhotel Pupp presents itself and how it has managed to increase the share of direct bookings by leaps and bounds.

Jumeirah web

Get inspired by one of the strongest brands in the east and find out how to connect dozens of hotels into one website.

type sections

Turn your site into a kit that consists of multiple parts. Web administration will be cheaper and yet faster.

Learn about important type pages

Great website is not just a great homepage

Marketers and entrepreneurs give great weight to the homepage and, on the contrary, underestimate the importance of other sites. At the same time, it is these sites where the conversion of the visitor often occurs. So which pages are useful to pay attention to? And what should be their content?

Room detail

The page where the conversion takes place - direct booking. The aim is to perfectly present the equipment and character of the room and correctly present the benefits of direct booking.

List of rooms

It aims to outline the various types of rooms, explain the difference between them and allow a smooth path to the reservation.

Detail and list of services

The aim of the page is to promote hotel facilities, emphasize unique benefits and equipment and increase the lifetime value of the client. It is also possible to sell discounted packages.

Hotel introduction

The purpose is to present the hotel, location, activities and create a relationship between the place and the site visitor through authentic photos and videos. It's not just about getting to know your hotel, but also its location.

Booking forms

To enable the easiest and shortest possible booking of a specific room with a possible sale of services or packages and to correctly name the advantages of direct booking.


Start creating valuable content for visitors of your location and bring organic traffic to your site.

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Booking cloud

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average conversion rate of the solution


number of key
type pages


maximum time for page loading

the hotel website
At Hotel Pupp, we increased the conversion rate by 200% with solidpixels.
Jindřich Krausz - general manager, Grandhotel Pupp

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