Straight path
to sell goods on the Internet

Solidpixels is the fastest way to create an e-shop at world-class level. Set up parameters, add products and start selling in no time.

Product catalog

Introduce your products
in the best light

Show your customers your brand story, add product video or photos. You build the product detail block by block exactly according to your needs. You can have an unlimited number of products in the e-shop. Each in different variants according to its own parameters.

Details that lift your visitors from their chairs

Create product details full of beautiful photo galleries, videos, stunning typography and breathtaking details. Like their products, they present the best brands on the planet.

Everyone quickly finds what he came for

Categorize your products and guide your users to discover the right products with real-time intuitive filtering.

Place for goods that are not just for sale

Do you just want to present your products in a perfect digital catalog, or work on demand basis? Complete shutdown of the purchasing process is within one mouse click. After all, like everything in solidpixels.

Exceptional administration

Overview of everything. Products
and orders.

You will be in control of your orders as well as managing your e-shop. You will manage products and orders directly in a well-arranged database
in the administration of your site.

Create sophisticated product details

In addition to the basic product detail, you can get rich content that best represents and sells your product.

Sort products into categories

Creating categories and tags is a breeze in solidpixels. In addition to the fact that every user quickly finds what he came for, your e-shop structure will go hand in hand with search engines.

Keep track of the status of each order

And thanks to it deliver evrything in time and in order. Is there another way to create crowds of satisfied customers?

Create a database of loyal customers

The system stores all your customers in a GDPR-compliant database so you can re-address them and build their Customer Lifetime Value over time.

Smart shopping process

Lead visitors to complete their order

Turn your site visitors into customers. A sophisticated three-step purchasing process will guide visitors to complete their order.

Increase the number of orders thanks to marketing tools

Step among the top 5% fastest Internet sites

Smart image processing

Solidpixels will resize and unify the aspect ratio for each photo you upload. So that they look good on a big monitor, mobile and tablet.


Solidpixels notices of any changes on your site and continuously saves your work. So you won't lose anything.

Regular updates

Every time we upgrade solidpixels or add a new feature, you get everything in an automatic update.

Effortless text formatting

It doesn't matter if you copy text to the web from Word or notes. Solidpixels scales the font and its size to match the rest.

Responsive version of the website

Every website on solidpixels looks and works just as well on desktop, tablet and mobile. Automatically and immediately.

Link to domain

Solidpixels checks the correct domain settings, and if everything is all right, the new site links itself to it.

Features that bring freedom.

Solidpixels automates a range of activities to do the ungrateful work for you. You can concentrate on creative work and move beyond what is possible in classic development.