Digitization of business in the Trade and Production segment

Present products attractively

Understand the digitization and marketing of services thanks to knowledge based on 10 years of experience, 734 completed projects and current market research from 36 countries.

Understand your target audience

How to differentiate yourself online and present your product well?

Presenting and selling products online is a discipline with very strict rules. Consumers are spoiled by big market players and are not satisfied with little. Their good experience is often determined by details. What are today's internet customers like and what shopping experience are they looking for?

They are comfortable and have no time

Customers need to quickly and easily find what they are looking for, conveniently filter and buy as easily as possible. Focus on smoothing out their journey from finding products to paying for goods.

They want information

In order for customers to trust you, they need to have all the essential information at hand, supplemented by the highest quality visual material. What they will not find in you, they will look elsewhere.

They are happy to come in person

Easy pick up of orders, warranty claim, testing of products or the possibility of professional consultation are great advantages of brick-and-mortar stores. If you have one, connect it
with e-shop.

54% of them shop via mobile phone

Over the last two years, the share of mobile purchases has increased by 10% and a further increase can be expected in the future. Remember that your site must be responsive.

They prefer empathy

Empathize with your customers and tell them how and in what specific situations can your product help them. Clear communication works wonders.

They are looking for a
tailor-made experience

Use data collection to personalize your communication. 50% of customers are likely to buy from you again with offers created from their previous purchases.

They require royal care

Getting a new customer is five times more expensive than getting an existing one back. They will return to you when they have easy access to technical support and easy warranty claims.

They hesitate

E-shop visitors only spend 5% of their browsing time shopping. 95% of the time is spent searching for products, comparing them and other non-purchasing activities.

They are interested in you

Not only are customers interested in who you are, but also in what is your philosophy and the story of your origin. Show the faces of your team and say why and how you decided to do what you do.

Set the right goals for your site and business

What goals to focus on,
when you are selling products?

Marketing goals

  • Increase the number of orders from the site
  • Increase the value of the average order
  • Increase Customer's LifeTimeValue
  • Collect user emails and get followers
  • Better introduce products on the web
  • Work sufficiently with references and evaluations
  • Reduce page load time
  • Work well with content marketing
  • Use the potential of interconnection with social networks

Process goals

  • Automate sales and marketing
  • Connect the website to the internal warehousing / accounting system
  • Include the option of repeated orders
  • Automate invoicing and other administration

General requirements for a modern website

  • Create an intuitive navigation structure
  • Prepare quality and concise content
  • Create a modern design in line with the company's CID
  • Prepare a website for all types of mobile devices
  • Integrate the website with third parties
  • Link the site to social networks
  • Provide intuitive and fast content management
  • Automate routine work

Important numbers

The web can never be so good that it couldn't get even better. Look at a few numbers,
which can help you more easily meet the requirements of your customers.

5 %

of the time do clients devote to the purchase itself. 95% of the time is spent on
non-purchasing activities

60 %

of customers mind when a store doesn't have its own e-shop

38 %

of the shoppers leave immediatelyif they don't like the website

70 %

of people believe in the recommendations of people they don't even know personally

56 %

of theshoppers leave the shopping cart when they are confronted with unexpected extra expenses at the end of the shopping process

50 %

of customers return and are likely to buy again when provided with offers created according to their previous purchases

Common mistakes

Why isn't there more interest in your product? Unfortunately, it is easy to neglect a lot of things on the web.
Read the most common reasons for low conversions.

Long search time

Customers spend too much time looking for a product. There is no possibility to search or filter in the assortment.

Insufficient product presentation

Customers lack technical specifications, manuals, quality photos and videos.

Too complicated purchasing process

There are fields during the purchase that are not necessary for processing the order.

Inefficient measurement

You are reducing your conversion rate due to the absence of sufficient effective data measurement on the web.

Necessary registration

Customers are discouraged by extra time spent or do not want to provide their data.


Your website contains unnecessary elements, illogical order of sections, difficult to read fonts, etc.

Inspiration from the segment

Explore inspirational sites of different brands and try to discover
and determine the principles they use to maximize the results of the websites.

Let them speak for you

User reviews are one of the most powerful tools to persuade potential customers to buy. Allow consumers to speak directly on the product page.

Give them what they want

Customers want to meet their needs by purchasing your product. Don't undermine their efforts and simplify the shopping process as much as possible.

Be honest

If you do not offer free shipping, let the customers know in time, they do not respond well to unpleasant surprises in the form of unexpected fees at the end of the purchase process.

Learn about important type pages

Great website is not just a great homepage

Marketers and entrepreneurs give great weight to the homepage and, on the contrary, underestimate the importance of other sites. At the same time, it is these sites where the conversion of the visitor often occurs. So which pages are useful to pay attention to? And what should be their content?

Product detail

The presentation of the product must evoke in  the need in the customer to purchase it. The basis is enough technical and marketing information, quality images or videos and a clear conversion action.

List of products

(Keep your e-shop tidy.) In order for the customer to find what they want, they need a clear list of products, the possibility of sorting and filtering them, easy orientation in subcategories and easy way of switching between them.

Detail of category / brand

Each subcategory or brand should be well presented to users and search engines. Below the detail there should be a clear list of individual products.

Shopping process

Make it as easy and quick as possible for customers to shop. Keep only the necessary steps, elements and items in the purchasing process and focus on additional sales.

Company presentation

Rather than the history of the company, describe the future of your industry, what qualities and values are important to your team, and what you are doing to meet the expectations of your clients.

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