The direct path to a world-class website

Solidpixels is the fastest way to create a website on par with global brands. Just as gorgeous and equally functional.


First-class design

Present yourself as a professional.
Right from the start.

Regardless of whether you are starting out or have been doing business for years, solidpixels will make your business one of the best-made sites on the Internet. You and your customers will appreciate the difference.

Start with a website concept

Concept is a combination of design, function and content.
It's the best starting point and it's fully editable.

Completely change colors,
typography and layout

You can change anything with a mouse click. Ranging from the layout of the header, through the composition of the content, to the typography and colors of the entire site.

Let solidpixels create a
responsive design

While working on a computer, solidpixels automatically creates a responsive version for you that looks great on phones and tablets.

Get an award winning design

Websites on solidpixels look stunning! This is one of the reasons why solidpixels is the choice of world-class brands that win prizes such as webdesign of the year.

Exceptional administration


Long gone are the days when you had to call the programmer to edit a website. If you can control a computer, you can also control solidpixels. No matter what you need to create, you're always one click away.

Arrange content using blocks

Drag blocks to the page, create columns, and assemble content to be pleasant to read. It is unbelievable how much can be done just by dragging the mouse.

Create any page layout

Create columns, rows, change their ratio, or insert them. This is the way you create content for any page. Responsively.

Set everything up with a mouse click

By clicking on a block you open its settings. And with a few adjustments, you change the behavior and appearance of the blocks to your own image.

Organize content into sections

Combine related content into sections, redesign them, and add advanced effects. Save and reuse your finished sections anytime.

Content management

Create. Write. Publish.

Section prototypes

in your productivity

What if you could design your site 10 times faster than now? That is exactly what the section library lets you do. No matter what do you want to create, there is always the right pattern for it. Just drag it to the page and edit the details.

180 sections,
14 categories

180 sections are split into clear categories, so that browsing and using them can be instant.

Library full
of experience

Sections are designed by UX designers and they reflect real needs and experience connected to website creation, which bring results.


With regular updates, we rely on the newest knowledge and analytics taken from running websites. This is a reliable and straight way to success.

Complex changes
in one place

By editing a shared section, you also change all its other clones on the website. It is up to you to decide, where to use these sections.

Create and repeatedly
use anything

Never do the same job twice. If there is a great working section, simply save it and use it again anytime.

Get access
to field specific sections

Get access to special sections, which reflect the needs of different fields, such as accomodations, services or product sales.

Make visitors
take action

Solidpixels includes a number of conversion features to bring you new client contacts and sell more products than ever before.

Step among the 5% fastest Internet sites

We do everything we can to make solidpixels sites among the fastest on the Internet. Most sites load in one second.

Smart image processing

Solidpixels will resize and unify the aspect ratio for each photo you upload. So that they look good on a big monitor, mobile and tablet.


Solidpixels notices of any changes on your site and continuously saves your work. So you won't lose anything.

Regular updates

Every time we upgrade solidpixels or add a new feature, you get everything in an automatic update.

Effortless text formatting

It doesn't matter if you copy text to the web from Word or notes. Solidpixels scales the font and its size to match the rest.

Responsive version of the website

Every website on solidpixels looks and works just as well on desktop, tablet and mobile. Automatically and immediately.

Link to domain

Solidpixels checks the correct domain settings, and if everything is all right, the new site links itself to it.

Features that bring freedom.

Solidpixels automates a range of activities to do the ungrateful work for you. You can concentrate on creative work and move beyond what is possible in classic development.

Solidpixels team

For the best
results, we
work together.

For 10 years we have created websites for global brands. We now put our best practices and knowledge into solidpixels. So that everyone can achieve the best right now. 

Principles and solutions

What do you want 
to achieve on the website?

More clients from the website

Simplify your site navigation, use smart conversion features and attract new clients.

More functional design

Build a beautiful– but above all functional– design that attracts visitors.

Higher website speed

Rank among the 5% of fastest sites on the Internet and your clients will appreciate the difference.

Higher website security

Protect your clients' data without compromise and be prepared for
the risks lurking on the Internet.

Easier content management

Update your site more easily and in real time. No agencies, no programmers.

Integration and automatization

Link your site to a range of smart tools to get rid of routine work once and for all.

Case studies