Year in review


And it's over! We have made solid progress together in the past year. We've responded to the wishes and desires of our users with new features that have pushed their solid sites miles forward. Let's recap the ones that help the most.

No more extensive screen time.

We are very much aware of the value of your time. We are creating the largest category of features so that you get the most time for yourself. For anything you want.

Find what you need. Immediately.

The Spotlight smart search feature lets you navigate through the administration with unprecedented ease and speed. A simple keyboard shortcut will instantly take you wherever you need to go.

Even more data clarity.

It doesn't matter if you have ten articles or ten thousand, with more advanced filtering you'll always find exactly what you're looking for.

One click less!

Inline editing of a records allows you to edit the data for any listing without having to open the record. Change the title, date or even the appearance. Instantly.

Differentiating yourself from the others is a little easier.

Solidpixels is a chameleon. With a few clicks you can have a cute website for a pet show or perhaps a heavy metal band signing. What makes them so unique is the wide range of content options we've taken a step further in the past year.

More is sometimes more. Be creative.

We created the Layout block to build more complex content layouts, which is why you can insert most of the other blocks like text, button, image, box and more.

Thousand different Boxes.

We've tinkered with the Box block and now it can easily be used as a design element - in the Design settings you can change the text and background colour of the box, the border, the shadow and many other details.

Order and quick access at the same time.

Do you have a lot on your mind, but don't want to overwhelm your web visitors? The Tabs block allows you to structure your content into separate tabs.

Designing like a pro has never been easier.

You can't stop progress. Functional design is at the heart of all successful websites, and visual trends have a magnetic effect on visitors. As of this past year, you can use tools that used to be available only to professionals. And use them to shine.

Don't underestimate masking.

Do you feel like your websites could use some extra care? If so, try section masking. Change its shape or position in a few clicks. Magic!

Gradients everywhere.

Bring your website to life with smooth gradients that give visitors a dynamic visual experience. You've got one of the most powerful current design trends in your hands, so don't be afraid to use it!

Write your brand story in your own handwriting.

Turn words into a visual experience - add custom fonts and give your content a distinctive voice. Personalise every page of your website with fonts that reflect the soul of your brand.

The game-changing UI is coming. Simplicity, elegance, efficiency.

Discover a new era of user interface with our latest features that deliver a smooth and intuitive experience. Everything is designed to make every step of your web development more efficient, faster and visually impressive.

Never recreate the already created.

Speed up the web development process with the library page saving feature. Save finished pages with one click and reuse them in new projects without having to redo the work.

Build the website like a building set. Thanks to section saving.

Create, save, reuse. Done. Never create the same content again with the section saving feature.

Maximum control over responsiveness.

Switch between different previews to instantly see how visitors will see your site on different devices. Breakpoints feature helps you do that.

It can't get any easier.

We've customized the sidebars so you don't have to interrupt your creativity to put blocks together and keep going back to design settings. Get everywhere you want to go. Faster than ever.

Prepare for greater freedom.
With AI on your side.

The result of today's biggest digital revolution is now within reach, and you'll be able to do things with it that you could only dream of a few years ago.

You input, the AI types.

Your words take on a new dimension - let the AI assistant generate compelling text content for your website with incredible accuracy and creativity. Just input a topic and watch your thoughts come to life through content created by ChatGPT.

Translations that will reduce your costs.

Connect your website to the world without spending a fortune on translations. Our AI translation assistant provides fast and accurate translations that let you expand your reach and communicate without language barriers - efficiently and affordably.

Artificial intelligence structures, you create.

Harness the power of AI to design the ideal structure for your website - easily and intuitively. Let AI analyze your needs and present you with a structure design that perfectly matches your goals and content.