Ambassador Program

Create and sell
world-class websites

We've sorted out the technology for you. Become a solidpixels ambassador, sell world-class websites from day one, and have the space to provide other high-value services, which will be appreciated by every client.


Voice of the Ambassadors.

The ambassador console is simple and intuitive to use. We can conveniently manage all our sites from one place, which saves us a lot of time.
Zuzana Librová - Shean
With the solidpixels team behind me, I'm not afraid to take on more complicated projects as an ambassador and when I go away for a few weeks, I know I'm not leaving my clients alone.
David Kuba - freelance ambasador
Being an ambassador of solidpixels means great freedom for us and a huge space for creativity. We can create websites, provide our clients with service and we are in full control of the whole process.
Dagmar Korbová - Oktopusy

Ambassador console

Manage all websites
from one place

Make copies of your websites

Simplify your work by duplicating sites you've already created. You don't have to start from scratch every time.

Take advantage of solidpixels industry concepts.

Are you preparing a solution for a hotel? Are you going to build an e-shop? Or is your client a restaurant? Make your work easier with one of our concepts that we have created tailored to each industry.

Choose the way to service your customers

You can either leave the servicing of your websites to us, or you can take care of your clients yourself in the long term.

Get feedback

Are your clients satisfied with the website? You will find out through their regular feedback.

Smooth start

At the start of your journey, we will guide you through the ambassador console and explain everything you need to know.


Although the solidpixels interface is highly intuitive, you will have the opportunity to regularly improve on and discover new features of the system through our workshops.


And last but not least, our support team is on hand whenever you need help with anything.


In the special section for ambassadors in our academy, we regularly add articles with tips that you might find useful for your work.


Two heads are better than one. At our events you will be able to meet and get to know other ambassadors and share your experiences or look for opportunities to collaborate.


You are
not alone
in this.

If you want to be educated, inspired or just need a helping hand, the ambassador community is always there for you.

Sell a wide range of services.

With solidpixels you can master web development in no time. Thanks to the time saved, you can offer your clients a wide range of additional services.

Consulting services

Expose the shortcomings of the current solution and tell your client what their website needs.

Content creation

Create a structure and fill it with great content, which is the cornerstone of any website.


Every website should be functional. Create smart design.

Immediate changes

Turn plans and theoretical concepts into reality, right during the meeting with the client.

Integration of services

Connect your websites to smart systems that relieve you and your clients of unnecessary routine work.


Clients need to have someone to turn to regarding their questions. Become their helping hand.

Administration and updates

Every website needs regular maintenance. Keep it up to date.


Help the client make decisions based on clear data. Prepare regular reports on the performance of their website.

Long-term development

Come back regularly with new ideas for extending and modifying your existing solution.

Case studies

Each of the ambassadors has specific requirements when creating a website. What does solidpixels help them with?

How to get started

Sign up

Fill out a simple form to join the ambassador program.


We will review your application for the program and activate your Ambassador account. The Ambassador adventure begins.

You will have a solid ally.

Thousands of companies and professionals trust us.

Two kinds of partnership

Do you have even bigger ambitions? Build five functional websites, become a solidpixels partner and get the full benefits of the ambassador program.



Minimum number of launched websites 1 5
Customizable styles
License discounts
up to 15%
Free period for each licence 60 days 90 days
Providing service to clients solidpixels. solidpixels or partner
Licence invoicing solidpixels. solidpixels or partner

Terms of partnership

Get started

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