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The academy portal

Help, education and inspiration for all
solidpixels clients.

Email support

Email support for all
paid plans solidpixels.

Telephone support

Telephone support for plans
Company website and higher

+420 606 084 110

What topics can we solve?

The standard solidpixels support will provide you with the information you need while you remain in the role of solver. 
Active and individual assistance is part of our premium support and tailor-made services.

Help with administration

Help and guidance with solidpixels administration.

Provision of instructions

Providing relevant information from the academy portal.

and error resolution

Reporting and solving possible errors in the CMS or web.

Choosing a suitable
design and plan

Help and guidance with solidpixels administration.

Upgrades of plans
and features

Recommendation of appropriate plans & features.

a platby

Information on invoices and payment methods.