Principles and solutions

Website content management

Gone are the days when you had to call a programmer to edit every website.
No matter what you need to create, you are always one click away.

page layout

Any page layout

Drag blocks onto the page to create columns, rows, resize them, or nest them. This is the way you create content for any page. Responsively.

rich content

Creating rich content

Quality content is the key. But content is not just the text - that's why you can create photo galleries, videos, insert citations, use maps, sliders, listings, price lists and other blocks in solidpixels. No one can resist your content anymore.

Immediate changes to the website

Immediate changes to the website

No matter what you need to create on the web, it's always a matter of a few clicks. And you always see the result in 100 milliseconds. So immediately.

Dynamic referencing

Dynamic referencing

When you are changing the name or URL of a page, Solidpixels automatically edits the links so that they still lead to the right page. This is the end of broken links on the web.

social networks

Data from social networks

Update your corporate Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let solidpixels automatically load new posts to your site. Magic!

landuage versions

Language versions

Are you planning two language versions, or even ten? Solidpixels can handle this and let you choose whether they will be dependent on each other or not. It will also make it easier for you to transfer content between mutations.


Perfect galleries

Enjoying the beauty of high-quality photos is easier than ever. From their uploading, through cropping,and sorting all the way to their display on the grid. Or would you prefer a more random design?

Improve your website

What do you want 
to achieve on the website?

More clients from the website

Simplify your site navigation, use smart conversion features and attract new clients.

More functional design

Build a beautiful– but above all functional– design that attracts visitors.

Higher website speed

Rank among the 5% of fastest sites on the Internet and your clients will appreciate the difference.

Higher website security

Protect your clients' data without compromise and be prepared for the risks lurking on the Internet.

Integration and automatization

Link your site to a range of smart tools to get rid of routine work once and for all.