Principles and solutions

Functional web design

Design is not just about how a website looks, but above all about how it works.
We believe that beauty is its important, but secondary aspect.

Minimalist design

We love minimalist design free from futilities and obstacles, based on great typography and quality materials. Only this brings value to users and results.

Professional typography

Easy to read, beautiful and consistent typography allows your visitors not only to comfortably absorb valuable content, but is the cornerstone of the entire design.

Compliance with corporate identity

Solidpixels allows you to base web design on your corporate colors, logos and additional graphics. Everything is designed from the ground up for companies and their needs.

Responsive web design

The system will automatically create a responsive version of the website for you, thanks to which your website will be perfectly displayed on every mobile device.

Animation and interactive design

Thanks to animations, your visitors will feel that things are perfected and yet they do not distract them from the content.

Background video

Allow your visitors to experience the atmosphere of your business, or discover the sophistication of your products and services with a breathtaking 4K video in the background.

Beautiful photos and galleries

Solidpixels automatically prepares high-quality photos that load in a flash. For all types of computers and mobile devices. Just upload a large enough source and enjoy the magic of automation.

Take the design of your website to a global level

Find out how you can gain more clients on the Internet, present your company on a
world-class level and still optimize the cost of running a first-class website.

Number of employees

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